July 2, 2016 OTG_Admin



#SAVEAGUITAR is the brainchild of RA Beattie, OTG founder. Created for Breedlove Guitars, the campaign mission statement is as follows:

Technology is taking over. We’re being bombarded. That which was engineered to save us, is enslaving us. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. And listen up.

#SaveAGuitar is a return to music—playing music, making something from nothing. It’s a call to pick up a guitar, or any instrument, and create your own vision rather than waiting for someone or something else to do the entertaining.

Wish you could play the guitar? Do it. Guitars change lives. #SaveAGuitar shows all of us how great artists picked up their first guitar and how their lives were changed by this simple act.

Start a band. Close the garage door. Wake up the neighbors. Play on your porch. Tap into what moves you. Take one small moment, a break from your daily comfort zone, to connect with creativity through music.

Pure musical expression transcends age, gender, geography and time. #SaveTheGuitar is a movement toward that authentic expression which moves us all.

Play it. Live it. Be true to the music, be true to the moment.

This campaign was developed, written, shot, developed and produced by the OTG Team.


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