We’ve been making films – primarily telling stories about fly fishing destinations, anglers, and conservation causes – for over a decade. The majority of these movies were initially screened around the world in theaters as part of the Fly Fishing Film Tour and other film festivals. Below you will find a variety of ways to access the majority of our films in a few different formats. Keep up to date on new media releases by following us on social media. You can view the majority of our work via the following channels:

Watch on TV

Almost all of our media is now available via our new Amazon channel. Simply visit Amazon.com/v/fishing to see most of our titles. They are available free to prime users, or for a small rental or purchase fee. You can stream this media on a wide variety of devices.

DVD or Digital Download

We also offer our movies on DVD and digital download on our online store. Click here for more information.

Watch Online

We are in the process of loading all of our content to our Vimeo channel. Click here to view selection.


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