November 20, 2014 OTG_Admin

The Fly Fish Journal Interviews OTG’s Austin Trayser

Spawning Raimbows

We’re always very inspired by the imagery captured (either still or video, or both) by our colleague Austin Trayser. Over the years he’s worked on a number of media projects around the world, and his imagery is consistently published in many outdoor publications. Recently, the Fly Fish Journal published an interview with Trayser. We’re not going to recreate the interview here, but photo editor Copi Vjota introduced the interview with the following paragraph:

“The very first cover image (pictured above) I helped choose as photo editor of The Flyfish Journal was from a photographer I had never heard of. A well established photographer, Brian Grossenbacher, who has held several TFFJ cover shots, sent me an email saying I should check out some work from a buddy of his. Austin Trayser. Ever since, Austin has been sending in great images from around the world and we keep publishing them. I reached out to Austin with a pile of questions, and got a pile of great stories and insight in return.”

To read the full interview, please visit:

Here’s a few favorite Trayser images from over the years, as published in the FFJ:



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