OTG’s CARPLAND Awarded Movie of the Year and Best Story


In 2014 members of the OTG crew set out to create what was then considered by most to be a crazy concept: a documentary fly fishing film about the carp. Yes, that’s right. Carp. Over the course of a year, team members Austin Trayser, RA Beattie and Steven Yochum traveled the USA filming passionate carp anglers around the states. From California to Illinois, and numerous locations inbetween, we documented some truly amazing locations. OTG’s Marko Milosevic created the killer 3d animated graphics, and Kevin Markis created the animated History of Carp for the film.

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OTG Welcomes Animator Kevin Markis to the Team


OTG started working with 2D Animator Kevin Markis in late 2014. The project was creating a brief animated “History of Carp in America” for the film CARPLAND. The film went on to tour the world with various film festivals and was awarded Movie of the Year and Best Story in 2015 by the Drake Magazine Video Awards. It was also the first time this style of animation had been utilized in the fly fishing film genre.

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OTG Behind the Scenes with Collective Soul Front Man Ed Roland

OTG supplied the equipment and RA Beattie for the behind the scenes exclusive interview with Ed Roland | Collective Soul at their show in Portland, OR

From Breedlovemusic.com

Photos and Interview by RA Beattie | Breedlove Stringed Instruments

It’s a cold, damp fall night in Portland. Despite tough weather, a steadily growing queue of anxious concertgoers coils down the sidewalk outside the Roseland Theater. A couple standing at the front of the line are inquisitive when I approach the doors with my recording gear and cameras. I explain that I’m going to take their spot in line.  I’m here to interview Ed Roland, the lead singer of Collective Soul. The couple throw me a high five and explain how excited they are for the show. The vibe is solid. The fans are ready to rock. Read more

Talk’n Drakes in the Drake


One of our all time favorite fly fishing magazines is The Drake. If you have not had an opportunity to read the magazine, we strongly encourage you to pick up a copy or check it out online. Owner & editor Tom Bie recently published a great little vignette on the Green Drake – a prolific insect which hatches in stunning numbers on various trout streams – and drives anglers and trout wild. RA Beattie was honored to write a short blurb about this legendary insect. Read more

Off the Grid Wrangles New Talent

Off the Grid Studios is excited to announce the addition of two new team members: audio engineer Jeremiah Pierson and writer Sarah Grigg. Both come from completely different backgrounds and bring tremendous skills and expertise to our collective.

jeremiha-p-off-the-grid-studios2Jeremiah Pierson – Audio Engineer

While he’s clocked nine years as a full-time audio engineer, Jeremiah’s foremost passion lies in physics. He chose sound engineering as a channel for his love of amplitudes, wavelengths and music, focusing on the science of audio. While traveling far and wide throughout the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, Jeremiah fell in love with film and storytelling. It was through his global experiences that he found the perfect marriage for combining the left and right sides of his brain, that is, engineering sound for outdoor film.

Jeremiah has covered broad territory in the world of sound design–from working on tour to fixed in-house gigs for venues, and as an academic instructor. His work has brought him into collaboration with diverse musical artists, ranging from Burlesque orchestra to funk, heavy metal, hip hop, country, and bluegrass.

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Clear Cutting & Forest Policy Review in Oregon

When the U.S. surreptitiously conducted thermonuclear tests in the Bikini Atoll in the early 1950s, Pacific Islanders were transported from test sites to distant islands for safety. In spite of this thoughtful gesture, atomic downfall drifted in the opposite direction predicted and ash rained down upon islander foreheads. In the aftermath, some people died quickly. Some died slowly in the months and years following the tests. In the decade that followed, babies were born without faces and bones, little jellyfish destined to live on land. Today, traces of atomic matter are found in the DNA of fish inhabiting the waters enveloping the Atoll.
From DDT to Agent Orange to everyday urban smog, history is crammed with cases of contaminants furtively or flagrantly poisoning the environment and people, whether as an act of war, agriculture or forestry, industry, or plain human experimentation. We know how toxic these compounds are in doses large and small. We gasp in horror when we hear about entire communities suffering from pollutant-induced illness. And then we continue to disperse pollutants, tolerate pollutants, enable those polluting. In the small coastal community of Rockaway Beach, Oregon, citizens are drawing the line.

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CARPLAND Featured in This is Fly Issue #48


Members of the OTG team are currently in the editing / post-production phase on a mamoth project about…. Carp. Yes, carp. Filmed in 6 locations around the USA, this film chronicles the rise, fall and slow resurgence of one of the most hated fish in the USA. CARPLAND will tour with the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour- hitting 150 cities in the USA, before moving on the audiences in Canada and Europe.

The project was recently featured in a huge spread in issue #48 of This is Fly magazine. Read more

The Fly Fish Journal Interviews OTG’s Austin Trayser

Spawning Raimbows

We’re always very inspired by the imagery captured (either still or video, or both) by our colleague Austin Trayser. Over the years he’s worked on a number of media projects around the world, and his imagery is consistently published in many outdoor publications. Recently, the Fly Fish Journal published an interview with Trayser. We’re not going to recreate the interview here, but photo editor Copi Vjota introduced the interview with the following paragraph: Read more


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