May 21, 2015 OTG_Admin

Trayser’s Drake Magazine Cover


We’re super proud to share Austin Trayser’s (Off the Grid Studio Crew) killer Drake Magazine cover photo. Nice work, amigo. Make sure to swing by your local fly shop and grab a copy before they’re gone!

We asked Trayser for a little background info on the shot, he had the following to say:

I got a voicemail in the spring of 2014 from my good friend Joe Sharpe. He muttered something about ‘caddis’ on the ‘Yellowstone’ and said “call me back.” Those two words together mean that I’ve got twenty minutes to get my things together and head to the upper river. Joe likes to camp there. There is something special about the Tom Minor Basin section of the Stone. It’s a classic Yellowstone float. Slower moving water, desert climate with cactus, antelope running around. Not to mention the riverbed practically covered in petrified wood from the Molten forest that is the basin itself. Being there you can almost feel the native Crow and Sheepeater Indians watching over their summer hunting grounds from the palisade above. Anyway, it’s a special spot in the world and Joe and I tend to spend a lot of time fishing and watching life go by at a nice easy pace. He likes it because it’s peaceful. After a painful tour in Vietnam and nearly a year in the hospital, Joe has transformed his energy from chaos to bliss, teaching others the ways of the waters, as a guide of not only fishing but in life. I’m grateful to call him a friend. Oh and the pup “Buck,” is a great boat dog.

Austin Trayser – Photographer/Producer, Off the Grid Studios
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