April 16, 2018 Supriyadi Widodo

OTG’s Sarah Grigg’s “Trailblazers” Article in American Angler

“The American West has long beenrevered as holy ground by die-hard fly anglers. Culturally, p olitically, and economically, fly fishing is today as significant as ranching on the landscape of the New West. And increasingly, women take up what many typically perceive as an old dude’s avocation. Female anglers make up about a quarter of participants in all kinds of fishing nationally, according to the USFWS 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation. The Outdoor Foundation’s 2017 Special Report on Fishing places that number slightly higher, at 30 percent. Of fly fishing’s 6.5 million participants, it’s not statistically identified how many are women, but a look around the Greater Yellowstone states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming certainly leads one to infer that lady anglers are making their mark.” Read full article.


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