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OTG Team Work: Sarah Grigg’s Flip Pallot Interview in Fly Fisherman Magazine

OTG team member Sarah Grigg is our head writer. Her words create the backbone of many of our video and film projects, as well as grace the pages of many magazines, websites, blogs, etc. This is a fantastic example of Grigg’s interview and writing skills found in the pages of Fly Fisherman Magazine – interviewing one of the icons of the Fly Fishing Industry; Flip Pallot.

“A Florida tarpon guide, a Montana cowboy, and a Native American beauty queen walk into a bank on the Crow Reservation for a blood drive on a Friday. It’s not the setup for a joke; it’s just another day in Flip Pallot’s life.

We sat amid flaming red porch posts at Abaco Lodge, looking east to the labyrinthine mangroves of the Marls. Flip had just observed his 74th birthday here, his ninth such celebration at the lodge owned by his protégé, Oliver White. It was just before mosquitos swarmed, the yellow-pink dreamtime hovering over still water, occasionally and barely broken by silver flecks of skipping baitfish. The hum of boats returning to dock wove through our conversation. Palm leaves crossed ragged, rasping fingers in the light breeze.

This is Flip’s natural habitat. But in spite of his status as a legendary saltwater angler, he spent years as a hunting and fishing guide in Montana during the Florida off-season.

“So, one season in Montana, I fell in love with a Sioux girl who had no idea I existed,” Flip remembered. “She had long black hair that brushed the floor. She worked at the donut shop. I ate so many donuts I thought I was gonna die. I went into a bank where I had my account, and she went in there to give blood. They do stuff like that in Montana, let you do your banking and give blood all in the same place. I tried to impress her. There was a cowboy behind me in line and we started talking.”

Images and words from FlyFisherman.com. Read more: http://www.flyfisherman.com/news/flip-pallot/#ixzz5CK7xmQJK

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