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OTG assists OCC with New Branding!

The OTG team is super excited about the launch of the new OCC materials. Why? Well, what’s not exciting about working with a craft chocolate brand? We worked hand-in-hand with OCC to help draft their new logo and the look of the new website – and the look of the photo style for the product. But this is just the start. We are planning an entirely new style-roll-out for the brand in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. It’s about to get more delicious from here!

OTG teams up with Rep Your Water on New Limited Edition “World Fish” Lid

This limited edition “World Fish” hat from Off the Grid Studios features stitched Milkfish, Taimen, GT and Golden Dorado on the front – a “tip-of-the-hat” to the latest films by our production crew. This limited edition cap was created with the Rep Your Water crew – we designed the new hat in conjunction with them – and are very satisfied with the look and superb quality! With extreme attention to detail, this lid features a “mouse pattern” print on the inside of the hat. Purchase of this and other merch from this site helps us keep the cameras rolling and new vids rolling out on a regular basis. We really appreciate the support and for rep’n our new lids. You can pick up one of these lids here.

Skagit Revolution: OTG Partners with Tom Larimer to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Two Handed Casting Video OF ALL TIME!

skagit-revolutionThere’s growing chatter in the Two Handed Fly Fishing world (spey / skagit casting) about Tom Larimer’s new casting tutorial DVD (created by the OTG team). This very well could be the most comprehensive and strongest two handed casting tutorial ever created. That’s a large claim, especially looking at the long list of two handed casting tutorial which have emerged over the years. However, there’s merit behind the claim. Larimer skillfully takes a tremendously enormous and complex subject matter and consistently breaks it down into manageable, bite sized pieces for the viewer. One by one, the tutorial is converting more and more followers. Here’s a detailed write-up by OTG’s Sarah Griff. This article appeared in a 12 page spread in This is Fly Magazine.  All 16 chapters of this tutorial are available on DVD or Direct Digital Download.

Charity Video Project: Cast Hope Fundraising Video

The OTG crew recently partnered with Cast Hope to produce a short promotional campaign video profiling a few of the youth involved in the non-profit program.

Cast Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization positively impacting youth and their mentors in the Northern California community through free fly fishing experiences. Through our program, clients build mentoring relationships, fly fishing skills, outdoor knowledge, sustainable practices, and personal values. Cast Hope’s gift of fly fishing empowers each mentoring pair to grow closer as they make fly fishing a healthy hobby they can do together. Learn more, get involved or make a donation at: casthope.org

Chanos Chanos Film Takes 3 Awards: Movie of the Year, Best Story, Best Saltwater Fishing

The OTG team walked away from the 2016 iCast show with 4 major film awards at the Drake Magazine’s Video Awards – the industry’s primary fishing film awards ceremony. Chanos Chanos, the brainchild of Jako Lucas and Capt. Jack Films, took not only the grand prize of Movie of the Year, but also awards for Best Story and Best Saltwater Fishing. To read more about OTG’s success at the awards, click here. Read more

Film Profile: Turning Points North

Consider the popularity and variety of the technically-challenging and somewhat “elite” gamefish available to today’s angler — permit, steelhead and a growing number of impossibly-difficult species. These “glamour fish” can overshadow traditional and more common warm water species. With this in mind, our production team initially questioned if a film about Northern Pike could stand its ground in today’s media space. Understanding that familiarity often breeds contempt, we came to the conclusion that Northern Pike are probably not going to blow viewers away unless we traveled to the best location in the world and caught the largest, most aggressive fish on the planet. Which is exactly what we did. To give this project legs, we found: the finest location for fishing and scenery, the best pike fishing, an all-star crew and one helluva story. It took a bit of doing, but we’ve got the location, talent, team and enough tricks up our sleeves to pull it off. Read more

OTG’s Jungle Angler Film Awarded Best Freshwater Fishing Award at iCast 2016

Our team recently produced another award winning film in the remote Bolivian jungle. Working 100% off the grid, traveling in small dugout canoes, we documented an epic journey up a vastly untouched jungle river. The film toured the world with various film festivals and won an award for Best Freshwater at the Drake Magazine Video Award at iCast.

“The Jungle Angler campaign really illustrates how we can fully leverage a good story and how we can really find exposure for our sponsors and clients,” said RA Beattie, filmmaker and founder of OTG. “We look forward to producing more of these films within this broad distribution model.”

Jungle Angler, Chanos Chanos and Off the Grid’s Turning Points North can be found on one DVD, available for purchase here: http://fishingvideostore.com/product/evolution-fishing-dvd-compilation/


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