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OTG Studios Creates 6 Episodes of Seasons 1 “DasBoat” for MeatEater

One boat, five fisheries, 10 anglers, 2,500 miles-unlimited bad ideas. In the new series, Das Boat, MeatEater revives an old aluminum boat from a backyard in Texas and explores angling opportunities with some of thier favorite folks. (Series trailer above).

The OTG Team work for MeatEater to shoot, edit and deliver 6 episodes of Season 1. You can watch the available episodes below:

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Tabasco, Mexico: Chocolate y Sábalo

Today the humidity is somewhat oppressive, even for the locals. Out on the streets, the available shade is occupied by sleeping dogs, and the women are cooling themselves with brightly colored fans. But as we move into the forest, the high canopy provides enough reprieve to make it palatable. We’re walking down a lightly worn trail in a massive 50-acre plantation that feels more like the garden of Eden than a farm. Our guide points out various tropical and lush flora and fauna, explaining interesting details behind each species and how they relate to the complex inter-connected symbiotic system they’ve created for growing cacao. There are trees that supply the shade (which are also a valuable spice producer), flowers that attract the pollinators and howler monkeys, lizards and thousands of insect varieties that all make the little jungle-world-ecosystem go round. Many believe this is the original homeland of the magnificent trees which bear the fruit that the world has come to love, but very few know its rich history. We’ve traveled here, to the source, with our good friends from Oregon Craft Chocolate to bring them to the origin of their passion; the convection so lovingly known as chocolate. Read more

Behind the Scenes with OTG’s Audio Mastermind Troy Hermes

Over the past two years, Troy Hermes has worked with Off the Grid Studios on our most important film projects. He was the lead audio engineer and sound designer on “Corazon” and “Dubai on the Fly.” Troy creates sonic illusions that fit so perfectly within a scene, the viewer just assumes the sounds are natural. Need the flap of a falcon’s wing or the crunch of sand under a camel’s step? No worries, coming right up. It’s sometimes a thankless job, for if Troy does his job perfectly, no one ever knows that sound has been added or enhanced except for the production team. Welcome to his world. Read more

Off the Grid Studios Launches The Scorpion Trilogy: “Scorpion Expedition,” “Frontera Norte” and “Corazón”

BEND, Oregon (April 30, 2018) — Throughout the month of May 2018, Off the Grid Studios, in conjunction with The Orvis Company, will be celebrating the first public release of the fly fishing film “Corazón.” To honor the release, Off the Grid Studios will engage in a month-long campaign focused on each of the three films in “The Scorpion Trilogy”— a collection of fly fishing movies roughly six years in the making. Read more

Grigg’s Sporting Classics Feature: Scotland

OTG’s Sarah Grigg traveled to Scotland for this assignment with Sporting Classics Magazine:

“It’s a long line of whispers tha t gets youon Loch Damph,” says Corin Smithbehind  the wheel of his pickup. We’re heading to the lake, its reddish-black water held within the bounds of a private estate like a cup of choppy tea between mossy, wind-swept mountains. One is free to walk across any parcel of soil in Scotland, private or no, but fly fishing requires permission. And don’t think for a minute the man holding the key is an easy one to pin down.” Read full article.


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