January 15, 2016 OTG_Admin

OTG’s CARPLAND Awarded Movie of the Year and Best Story


In 2014 members of the OTG crew set out to create what was then considered by most to be a crazy concept: a documentary fly fishing film about the carp. Yes, that’s right. Carp. Over the course of a year, team members Austin Trayser, RA Beattie and Steven Yochum traveled the USA filming passionate carp anglers around the states. From California to Illinois, and numerous locations inbetween, we documented some truly amazing locations. OTG’s Marko Milosevic created the killer 3d animated graphics, and Kevin Markis created the animated History of Carp for the film.

The film toured the world with the Fly Fishing Film Tour, Canadian Fishing Film Tour and the European Rise Film Tour and was well received by anglers nationwide. In the late summer of 2015, the film received the distinction of Movie of the Year and Best Story at the 2015 Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Video Awards. We’re honored and grateful for awards and stoked a little film about carp was so well received. Cheers!


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