OTG assists OCC with New Branding!

The OTG team is super excited about the launch of the new OCC materials. Why? Well, what’s not exciting about working with a craft chocolate brand? We worked hand-in-hand with OCC to help draft their new logo and the look of the new website – and the look of the photo style for the product. But this is just the start. We are planning an entirely new style-roll-out for the brand in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. It’s about to get more delicious from here!



#SAVEAGUITAR is the brainchild of RA Beattie, OTG founder. Created for Breedlove Guitars, the campaign mission statement is as follows:

Technology is taking over. We’re being bombarded. That which was engineered to save us, is enslaving us. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. And listen up. Read more

Campaign Development: Musicians for Forests


This is one of the largest campaigns we’ve worked on this year – and one of the most important topics we’ve endorsed. Take a moment and check out the website to learn more about the cause and get involved. The highlight of this campaign was getting an endorsement from Dave Matthews, and having him share the campaign on this social media to boost the publicity. The entire campaign was created from the ground floor (concept, copy, graphics, images, vid, etc) by the OTG team: musiciansforforests.com

Website Development: Sturgeon Slayers


The creation of the new Sturgeon Slayers website was fun and a great challenge. We were tasked with making this site as simple and minimal as possible, yet progressive and responsive to a number of devices. The key was to keep the one page format simple, yet bring in new-style elements to make it fresh and modern. We like it. Check it out sturgeonslayers.com

Website Design: Old Mill Landing

old-mill-landingWe are thrilled to showcase the new website for Old Mill Landing – a website featuring the finest on-the-water real estate development in downtown Bend, OR. This project is a great showcase for our team because it features, copy writing, video production, web development and project management all from the OTG team. This project illustrates how our team can take on a project and deliver a variety of content elements and package them into a final digital product. Check out oldmilllanding.com

Website Development: Lazy-B-Ranch Grass Fed Beef


At Off the Grid Studios, we’re proud supporters of sustainable and grass fed beef. In fact, our personal freezer is filled with grass fed beef from Lazy-B Ranch. We were really excited to create this website for the ranch and help our community access clean, health and sustainable grass fed beef right here in central Oregon! Check out oregongrassfedbeef.com. Logo, website and photos from OTG Studios.

OTG Team Works with Tool Studios to Create BreedloveMusic.com


RA Beattie worked closely with the Tool Studios team to create the new mobile friendly, state-of-the-art Breedlove Guitar’s website. OTG team worked on photography, video, site layout, content creation and loading, recording, audio engineering and copy writing. But that’s enough about us, take a moment and check out the finest acoustic instrument website on the market.


Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our accomplished team is eager and ready to get to work on your next project. Please drop us a line - we look forward to hearing from you!