#SAVEAGUITAR is the brainchild of RA Beattie, OTG founder. Created for Breedlove Guitars, the campaign mission statement is as follows:

Technology is taking over. We’re being bombarded. That which was engineered to save us, is enslaving us. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. And listen up. Read more

Campaign Development: Musicians for Forests


This is one of the largest campaigns we’ve worked on this year – and one of the most important topics we’ve endorsed. Take a moment and check out the website to learn more about the cause and get involved. The highlight of this campaign was getting an endorsement from Dave Matthews, and having him share the campaign on this social media to boost the publicity. The entire campaign was created from the ground floor (concept, copy, graphics, images, vid, etc) by the OTG team:

Website Development: Lazy-B-Ranch Grass Fed Beef


At Off the Grid Studios, we’re proud supporters of sustainable and grass fed beef. In fact, our personal freezer is filled with grass fed beef from Lazy-B Ranch. We were really excited to create this website for the ranch and help our community access clean, health and sustainable grass fed beef right here in central Oregon! Check out Logo, website and photos from OTG Studios.

OTG Team Works with Tool Studios to Create


RA Beattie worked closely with the Tool Studios team to create the new mobile friendly, state-of-the-art Breedlove Guitar’s website. OTG team worked on photography, video, site layout, content creation and loading, recording, audio engineering and copy writing. But that’s enough about us, take a moment and check out the finest acoustic instrument website on the market.

2016 Breedlove Guitars Print Catalog

OTG team member RA Beattie recently completed the photography and build behind Breedlove Guitar’s 2016 print catalog. This 24 page catalog was designed to be as minimalist as possible to conserve paper waste. Breedlove’s 2016 Digital Catalog, also produced by Off the Grid Studios, is a whopping 100+ pages and formatted for tablet. This combination of minimal print / cutting edge digital catalog presentation is an example of merging real world business needs with environmental consideration.

Download the 2016 Breedlove Print Catalog.


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