OTG Behind the Scenes with Collective Soul Front Man Ed Roland

OTG supplied the equipment and RA Beattie for the behind the scenes exclusive interview with Ed Roland | Collective Soul at their show in Portland, OR

From Breedlovemusic.com

Photos and Interview by RA Beattie | Breedlove Stringed Instruments

It’s a cold, damp fall night in Portland. Despite tough weather, a steadily growing queue of anxious concertgoers coils down the sidewalk outside the Roseland Theater. A couple standing at the front of the line are inquisitive when I approach the doors with my recording gear and cameras. I explain that I’m going to take their spot in line.  I’m here to interview Ed Roland, the lead singer of Collective Soul. The couple throw me a high five and explain how excited they are for the show. The vibe is solid. The fans are ready to rock. Read more

OTG Team Works with Tool Studios to Create BreedloveMusic.com


RA Beattie worked closely with the Tool Studios team to create the new mobile friendly, state-of-the-art Breedlove Guitar’s website. OTG team worked on photography, video, site layout, content creation and loading, recording, audio engineering and copy writing. But that’s enough about us, take a moment and check out the finest acoustic instrument website on the market.

2016 Breedlove Guitars Print Catalog

OTG team member RA Beattie recently completed the photography and build behind Breedlove Guitar’s 2016 print catalog. This 24 page catalog was designed to be as minimalist as possible to conserve paper waste. Breedlove’s 2016 Digital Catalog, also produced by Off the Grid Studios, is a whopping 100+ pages and formatted for tablet. This combination of minimal print / cutting edge digital catalog presentation is an example of merging real world business needs with environmental consideration.

Download the 2016 Breedlove Print Catalog.


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