Off the Grid Wrangles New Talent

Off the Grid Studios is excited to announce the addition of two new team members: audio engineer Jeremiah Pierson and writer Sarah Grigg. Both come from completely different backgrounds and bring tremendous skills and expertise to our collective.

jeremiha-p-off-the-grid-studios2Jeremiah Pierson – Audio Engineer

While he’s clocked nine years as a full-time audio engineer, Jeremiah’s foremost passion lies in physics. He chose sound engineering as a channel for his love of amplitudes, wavelengths and music, focusing on the science of audio. While traveling far and wide throughout the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, Jeremiah fell in love with film and storytelling. It was through his global experiences that he found the perfect marriage for combining the left and right sides of his brain, that is, engineering sound for outdoor film.

Jeremiah has covered broad territory in the world of sound design–from working on tour to fixed in-house gigs for venues, and as an academic instructor. His work has brought him into collaboration with diverse musical artists, ranging from Burlesque orchestra to funk, heavy metal, hip hop, country, and bluegrass.

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