Breedlove 2015 Digital Catalog

breedlove-coverThe OTG team shot some of the photography (lifestyle and product shots) for the 2015 Breedlove Digital Catalog at Off the Grid Studios. The team formatted the new digital catalog specially for tablet use – including a hyperlink-rich design for easy navigation from table of contents to instrument series, to specific product pages. The catalog will soon be available as an Apple app for download from the iTunes store or Apple’s Newstand. Download a copy of the catalog here. Read more

Behind the Scenes Look at Off the Grid Water

beattie-off-the-grid-studios-water2Writing about the importance of water opens the door for the use of really cliche language – so we’ll spare you an intro explaining how water is essential to all life, potentially the most valuable resource on the planet, etc. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, all of our crew understand the value of, and the connection we all have to, H2o. Living off the grid in a high altitude dessert has opened our eyes to how precious water can be, and how easy it is to take for granted.

We are extremely lucky to have water on the property, even if the well is 20 acres from the house and has to be run on solar or with a generator. We were reminded of this luxury recently when the water pump fractured in the dead of winter – leaving us, the livestock, dogs and chickens – without water.

“What do you do without water?” “How do you get it?” “Fix the pump?” Read more


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